About Us

Prosper Intelligence Solutions was founded in 2004 by Zoran Jovanovic with the plan to run a business and technical consulting in the area of IT consolidation.The company included third party software technologies in its portfolio.

Mr. Zoran Jovanovic started his IT career even before he finished his education and graduation. He started as talented programmer for special projects in one of the biggest Oracle shops in Europe. At that time in 1990 he was only 17 years old. With an age of 20 he continued his career in US companies mainly focusing on large enterprise businesses. He specialized in consolidation of IT infrastructure, System- and Database architecture. After many successful years working for three of the largest solution and service providers, he founded in the year 2004 his first company Prosper Intelligence GmbH, which is the 100% shareholder of all of its business units. Because of his experience in IT Consolidation, IT Compliance and IT Due Diligence all internationally active business units are focusing on Outsourcing, Governance, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance. All business units act under the name Prosper Intelligence www.prosperintelligence.com
Mr. Jovanovic’s main vision is that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will be one of the most critical elements to stabilize the governance, control all kind of risks and conduct with the globally active regulatory rules, in this uncertain times. The automation will help us to build a dome over the clients business and identify in time the impact of each of the mass of decisions, done by our client as well as his business partners and service providers.

Mrs. Katarina Kojic has joined Prosper Intelligence in 2012 and is on the position of Development manager. She is responsible for the managing of the development team, the implementation and maintenance of the Prosper Intelligence Software solutions, the requirements process from clients or in-house consultants to development and also product strategy and controlling.
Mrs. Kojic graduated on the Faculty for Organizational Sciences (FON) is Belgrade with the title Engineer for Information Systems. After graduation, she moved to Germany where she worked as Web developer in the companies “Visiomatic GmbH” (in Stuttgart), “mpc networks” (in Kornwestheim) and “CCP Systems” (in Stuttgart), and later as a Product manager for Embedded systems applications, also in “CCP Systems”, before joining Prosper Intelligence.
Mrs. Kojic is an expert in Prosper Intelligence, and as a Development manager, she has the responsibility for the requirements, the development team, and the implementation process of the company’s own software projects which come in different versions. The base for all of them is the multi-modular software with different user levels, which supports the transition and transformation process of Blue Chip companies, and also provides the most efficient data management and data life cycle, starting with data imports from various sources (CMDB, Excels), data analysis, calculations, interactive diagrams, reports, what-if analysis, all considering companies’ Sites, Assets, HR, Contracts, Applications and also enabling the easiest way to perform Cloud analysis and Clouding. The software was used in many large projects, tailored through the versions to suit the company’s profile in the best way. Some of the companies in the projects were for example large multinational banks, IT Infrastructure companies etc.
Mrs. Kojic is the key figure and the leader of the team working on Prosper Intelligence’s software versions:
Robotic GRC | 365
Outsourcing Governor
In 2015. she obtained the certification as Project Manager Professional – PMP.

Mr. Ivan Urban is a System Automation Team Lead in Prosper Intelligence who is responsible for maintaining and improving existing products and developing new ideas in the field of system automation. After spending nearly 15 years working in IT, he has a considerable experience in various technology aspects, covering system administration, networking, programming and project managing. Previously, he worked as a Linux system engineer and project manager in Ministry of trade, tourism, and telecommunications. Mr. Urban earned a Masters Degree in information technology and information systems from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade.
Mr. Urban is also a professional who has vast knowledge in Windows, Linux operating systems, and has a long career in programming, as well as in program management. Previously he worked as a system administrator and technical specification manager. Mr. Urban lead the project concerning access points in over 100 educational institutions in Serbia – EDUROAM.

Ms. Marijana Komar is Marketing and Communications Lead with responsibility for Prosper Intelligence’s marketing and communications activities, including image and market development and digital marketing. More recently she has led the development of the new website design with integrated content strategies. Passionate about how technology can drive innovation, she leads a team of marketing and design professionals. Ms. Komar holds a BA in Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature. She speaks English, Swedish and Spanish.
While working as a PR Consultant, her clients included Cisco Systems Serbia, Dunav Osiguranje, Energoprojekt d.o.o. She was a leader of a project for integrating educational programs across Serbia, sponsored by the World Bank.